Slackware 9.0 Installation Guide

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Section 3: The Setup Program

The setup program is used to install Slackware on your hard disk. It is menu-driven and quite easy to use. Here is what the setup main menu looks like:

The Setup Menu

Since the setup program does not use the mouse, here are some instructions for using the keyboard to get around in the program:

On this menu we need to work our way down option by option to perform the actual installation. When we complete one step, the program will ask us if we want to proceed to the next step. If you answer Yes, then setup will bypass the main menu and jump into the next section. This way you can perform the entire installation and only see this menu twice, once at the beginning and again at the end.

Here are brief descriptions of the action performed by each option:

I will not repeat the HELP screens here, but feel free to read them yourself. In addition, since I am using a US keyboard, I can skip that option and proceed directly to the ADDSWAP option.

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