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Slackware 9.0 Installation Guide

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Section 8: Installing

Not much to do here except decide which install mode to use. The full option just installs everything without prompting. I recommend avoiding the newbie mode. It makes you answer yes or no individually to every package. That gets tedious quickly. The menu and expert mode are available if you are tight on drive space. They pause to allow you to toggle on or off packages from a list before installing just the selected ones.

NOTE:If you are short on drive space, or want to setup some custom installation scripts, consult the Slackware Web Site or the documentation on the CD.

Source Media Selection

A full installation on a fairly fast system usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. You will see a brief description flash on screen as the the package is being decompressed and copied to the hard disk. (Some packages are larger and the description messages pause for several seconds.) Below you will see few package descriptions that won't disappear after a few seconds.

Notice the following package is required.

Some packages are optional, but recommended.

While others are totally optional, although often useful.

NOTE: You can find more about all the packages after the installation is completed. The directory /var/log/packages records a history of the installed packages. Programs like Slackware's pkgtool and KDE's KPackage can be use this to add or remove packages post-installation.

Next we have to install a kernel to use for normal bootup. Since we made it this far using one off the CD, let's stick with that one. Later we can build a custom kernel if needed, but generally that is not a requirement for Linux anymore. Usually I only do that if there are improved drivers for some hardware I own or security issues.

The kernel named bare.i worked for me. Pick another if required.

I normally skip this anymore. They are a good idea, but to be honest I usually use the CD if I have to do a repair boot.

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