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A Korean Card Game

Sample Card

The game of MIN-HA-TO is one of several Oriental card games played in Japan and Korea. A special deck of cards, called HA-TO, is used to play the game. The deck has 12 suits of four cards each. Each of the 12 suits has a picture, often a flower, which relates the suit to one of the twelve months.

Last Update: 14 September 2003

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You may play one of the Java versions listed below:

2 Player Game - Fast Loading - Outline Draw Mode
2 Player Game - Slow Loading - Full Draw Mode
3 Player Game - Fast Loading - Full Draw Mode
3 Player Game - Slow Loading - Outline Draw Mode


Download the DOS version to your computer!

Planned Features:

Net Games - Might be nice to play aganist other humans via TCP/IP.
2 More Games - I already have 2 different games ready to be ported. (Probably Shareware)

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